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'The Paw Paddock – Enclosed Dog Walking Field ' Fox Lane, Alrewas - Terms & Conditions
(version 3.0, updated January 2024)

Personal responsibilities:

By making a booking and/or attending a booking you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. Please ensure you have read them carefully before using the paddock.

First time paddock users will receive instructions on how to gain access to the enclosure either via text, email or messenger.

It is your responsibility to assess the suitability of the facility for your own dog/s before off lead use.


Whilst the paddock is well fenced we cannot guarantee security for every dog.


In keeping with the law regarding ‘responsible dog ownership’ you are entirely responsible for your safety & your dogs safety whilst at The Paw Paddock. The law states that you should be in control of your dog/s at all times. This applies regardless of whether you attend a booking or a representative on your behalf.

No responsibility will be taken by The Paw Paddock – Enclosed Dog Walking field (Miss S R Teece) or the land owners for damage, death or injury sustained to individuals or animals however caused whilst on site. This also includes hazards of the countryside such as uneven ground, insect stings/bites, wild plants, flowers , vegetation or debris within the land.

You as the customer take full liability/responsibility for yourself and all other guests that attend your booking with you including the dogs that attend your booking.

The agreement made through the terms and conditions does not create any rights over the land and the customer hiring the field accepts the landowner maintains control and possession of the land at all times.

We allow up to six dogs for the agreed time slot, so if you wish to meet up with a friend and their dogs for a walk this is absolutely fine providing they have also read and agreed/signed the terms and conditions.

Booking & Payment :

Use of the paddock is strictly by pre booked and pre paid appointment only.

By attending your booking you are automatically agreeing to all terms and conditions for paddock use.

Bookings can be made via the online booking system or by contacting the paddock directly via phone. Until you receive a reply or confirmation email do not assume your booking is confirmed.

At the time of booking please inform us how many vehicles are to be expected and number of dogs.

Payment must be made at the time of booking via the online booking system or if you book with us directly then bank transfer is accepted. 

If you have booked via the online system then the gate code will be sent to you 2 hours before your booking. 

If you have made a booking with us directly then the gate code will only be sent providing payment has been received.


Those that pay via bank transfer then the first time you make a booking you will be given a unique code, please use this as your payment reference.

Failure to pay within 48hours of booking may result in your time being allocated to someone else, we cannot hold this slot for you without payment.


Bookings that are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will receive a refund within 7 days. To cover the costs of online booking and the administration of refunds, a cancellation fee of £1 will be applied for each cancellation. 

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice cannot be refunded and are non transferable to other people.

The weather cannot be used as an excuse for last minute cancellations, please check the forecast in advance of 24 hours and assess the suitability for you and your dogs.

Banned Breeds: 

In order for owners/dog walkers to exercise banned breeds within our facility you must adhere to the following:

  • All banned breeds using our facilities must be registered with the Index of Exempted Dogs to obtain a life certificate (please email evidence to a minimum of 48 hours ahead of your first booking)

  • Have their own third party liability insurance in place (please email evidence to  a minimum of 48 hours ahead of your first booking)

  • Handle their dogs on a one to one basis/one handler per dog (handlers to be over the age of 16 years)

  • Keep dogs on lead and muzzled at all times when in a public space, this includes walking between the car park and enclosure

  • The owner is fully responsible/liable for their dog if they choose to remove the muzzle once within the enclosure

  • During the booking you are not allowed to meet or mix with dogs from other households at our facility even if the banned breeds are muzzled

Withdrawal of facility: 

The Paw Paddock (Miss S Teece) reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the facility at their discretion, for example this may be due to weather conditions or where individuals have not complied with the conditions of use.

Subject to the reason for the withdrawal of permission any advanced payment made may be refunded however Miss Teece will be under no liability for any other expenses incurred or loss sustained by the client as a result of withdrawal from the facility.

Health & Wellbeing:

All dogs using the field must be on a regular flea & worm regime.

You must not attend a booking if your dog has shown any signs of illness including coughing, sickness & diarrhoea within 48 hours prior to your booking. Please do not bring your dog to use the paddock if they appear unwell or have an infectious disease. Any dogs that have recently had kennel cough must not attend a booking unless they have been clear of symptoms for at least 14 days.

Any socialisation events are for well socialised, non reactive dogs only. Unfortunately bitches in season cannot attend.

There is no electricity or water on site and so we recommend that you bring drinking water for your dog with you.

There is a water butt on site but this is strictly NOT drinking water, the water is to be used for the boot wash only.

There are no toilets on site. 

Strictly no smoking policy on site, anyone found violating this policy will have their permission to use the facility withdrawn immediately and permanently. 


We recommend that you have your own public liability insurance for your dog, the dogs trust offers this at a good price for multiple dogs.

All Dog Trainers and Dog Walkers that use this facility for business purposes must provide an up to date copy of their Public Liability Insurance before they can be granted permission to use the facility.


Children are welcome but you take full liability and responsibility for them, they must be supervised at all times.

Children are not allowed to operate the locking of padlocks on the gates.

Children must not climb on the fencing or gates.

Any equipment within the paddock Is for canine use only. You will be charged for any damages or breakages.

Arriving & parking:

You are responsible for finding the location of the paddock on the day of your booking, we will not refund any lost time due to lateness. Directions for the paddock are given prior to your booking on email and a ‘what three words’ link is also given on there which will take you to the exact location. There is no postcode for the paddock.

Times stated on your booking confirmation are what you must keep to. Please arrive on time.


The time slot you booked for exclusive use (either 30 minutes or 50 minutes) is for sole use for yourself and any guests you may invite (t&cs apply on number of vehicles & dogs allowed to attend a booking).


Should you arrive late for your booking you must still leave the facility by the original end of session time. You cannot class your late arrival time as a start time and add the session length onto that. You accept that by arriving late you will incur lost time. 

On turning into Fox Lane please be aware there is a metal gate across the road this should be kept open during operating hours but please drive with caution in case it has been closed.

We ask that you please drive slowly down the lane to the paddock and be aware of other concealed entrances, traffic and pedestrians down the lane. 


The gateway to the paddock will be approx 200 yards down the lane on your left. You will need to open the padlock on the gate using the code given on your reminder email/text. 

Please try not to arrive early to your booking and do not make yourself visible in front of the gate to the paddock users in before you, we have many reactive, nervous and rescue dogs use the paddock and this can ruin the facility for them. Do not enter the site or the enclosure until the previous client has finished. A short drive or waiting safely at the top of the lane without blocking road access is recommended.

All dogs and guests must be kept in your vehicle and outside of the parking area until the paddock has been vacated.

If there are any issues with getting someone to leave or finding someone exceeding time please inform us.

All dogs must be kept on lead in the car park as it is not fully secure.

No dogs should be left unattended or tethered in vehicle, the stables or any other fixed structures on site whilst you are exercising others in the field. You must supervise your dog/s at all times.

The car park is for four cars maximum, please only park in the designated parking area. At no point can you park on the grass, outer lane or highway for your booking. 


We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst on site.

You use the road down to the paddock and the car park at your own risk.

Please assess the suitability of the ground before you make the decision to park on it.

When leaving the car park we ask that the padlock numbers are rotated off code even if you can see someone else entering the lane, do not assume they are there to use the field, anyone found to be leaving the padlock unlocked or on code will be denied future use.

Access into the enclosure:

To access the enclosure from the car park, please go through the gate into the stables area and turn immediately left through the gate into the enclosure. This double gated system ensures maximum security.

Once in the enclosure you may let your dogs off lead and accept this is done so at your own risk.

Although houses are far away we do ask that dogs are supervised at all times and discouraged from excessive barking.


Litter & Waste:

You are responsible for keeping a close eye on your dog/s, please bag up your dog waste and take it home with you to dispose of.

Bag dispensers are located around the enclosure and in the stables should you forget to bring any with you but please take waste home, failure to do so will result in your being banned from the facility.

We ask you to be vigilant for anything that could be harmful to the dogs for example broken or chewed toys, litter, dropped treats please clear these up and take them home.

Please stop and discourage your dog from digging, any holes must be refilled and reported. So we can ensure safety for all please report any damage, incident or accident immediately.

We do frequent checks of the boundary fence but if you notice any gaps, holes or anything of concern please let us know immediately.

Marketing & Publication:

The Paw Paddock - Enclosed Dog Walking Field reserve the right to use any material including texts and images provided by you to us (in any format) or via our Facebook page for the purposes of marketing and promotion.  


Personal data is processed in line with GDPR regulations. The information will not be shared with any other parties. For full GDPR policy information please contact us directly. 

Covid - 19

Current government guidelines must be adhered to at all times whilst using the facility. Up to date guidance can be found at 

Hand Sanitisers are in place at the paddock, we ask that you use these or your own before touching contact points such as gates


I agree to the Terms & conditions of paddock use for The Paw Paddock – Enclosed Dog Walking Field ' Fox Lane, Alrewas and accept that the use of these facilities is at my own risk. The behaviour and actions from myself, my guests and my dogs are my sole responsibility and no claim can be made against The Paw Paddock - Enclosed Dog Walking field (Miss S R Teece) or the landowner. 

I accept that the Terms & Conditions are subject to variations which can be made only by The Paw Paddock - Enclosed Dog Walking Field (Miss S Teece). It is my responsibility to check the most up to date terms & conditions prior to bookings as i will automatically be agreeing to the most up to date version. I also accept that The Paw Paddock - Enclosed Dog Walking Field (Miss S R Teece) and the land owner will not be liable for any liability, losses, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses or other liability incurred by the customer through the use of the facility at The Paw Paddock, Fox Lane, Alrewas.  

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